Fudan MA in Global Media and Communications

International digital and marketing management

LSE-Fudan Double Degree – MA (Master of Arts) in Global Media and Communications

Fudan Journalism School (and Department of World Economy of the Fudan School of Economics and Department of Sociology of the Fudan School of Social Development and Public Policy), Fudan University (2008-2009).

All classes in English or in Chinese with an English interpreter.

  • JournalismPolitical ScienceHistory and Media Regulation courses: Chinese Journalism: Ideas, Traditions and Practice (by Huang Dan), Covering China: Newspapers History and Regulation (by Hong Bing), China’s Media and Politics in the Context of Globalization (by Guolin Shen)
  • Marketing and Communication courses: Chinese Broadcasting: an Overview of the Industry and Programming (by Ye Lu), Marketing Communication in China’s Market and Marketing Strategy (by Ernest Martin), Media and Communication in China (chaired by Peter Zhang, Editor-in-Chief of the Shanghai Daily, lectures given by top media executives, senior journalists and CEOs)
  • International Economics course: Chinese Foreign Trade (by Cheng Dazhong)
  • Sociology courses: Religion in Chinese Society, Chinese Language and Culture (by Hong Guo)

This degree has been ranked multiple times as the best Master in Communication in Asia (4 stars out of 4): https://www.best-masters.com/ranking-master-corporate-communication-in-far-eastern-asia.html

Fudan University

复旦大学  (Fudan University or informally « Fudan ») is the best university in Shanghai and is ranked in the Top 3 in mainland China, just after Beida and Tsinghua. Fudan is a world leading university in Social Sciences and Management. It has the most prestigious reputation in the Cultural and Creative Industries in China. The Fudan Journalism School, with its four departments of Journalism, Broadcasting, Communications and Advertising, is regarded as the oldest, the most famous and the best School of Communication and Journalism in China, only competing with Renmin. Fudan offers prestigious double degrees with Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in International Economics and Globalization, with the London Business School and Università Bocconi in International Management and Globalization, with Sciences Po Paris in International Relations and Globalization and with the London School of Economics and Political Science in International Communication and Globalization (I was part of the first cohort of this innovative LSE-Fudan dual degree launched in 2007). According to the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2020, Fudan is in the World Top 60 of the best universities.

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