Theses on the Digital Transformation of the Media Industry

International digital and marketing management

Master Theses

Fudan MA (Master of Arts)

The topic of my 2009 Fudan journalism thesis was « A uses and dependency research on state policies (‘society’), global media consumption (‘media’) and journalistic ideals of media students (‘audience’) in China. » researching through questionnaires the geographical and cultural origins and types of creative content, cultural products and symbolic goods (news, editorials, movies, TV series, videos, music,…) consumed via digital media and the Internet on different devices by the hyperconnected new generation of the country’s best Chinese students

  • coming from all the regions of China and from very different economic, social, cultural and educational backgrounds, recently living in an urban and cosmopolitan city like Shanghai,
  • on the one hand, influenced and constrained by the policies of the Chinese Government (or the Communist Party of China) like the « Great Firewall », media censorship and political propaganda but also the emphasis on learning the English language or patriotism in this era of fierce competition between China and the USA for the title of world’s number one superpower (I realized that America is often the only country that China is comparing itself with in any subjects, making me believe in the reality of the US tropism of Chinese elites),
  • and on the other hand, inspired by and balanced with Western ideals of freedom of speech and media freedom from Western Europe and North America, also taught in the prestigious Fudan departments of Journalism, Communications, Broadcasting and Advertising for a global approach of the study of traditional and new media, which I consider essential in our increasingly multipolar world.

LSE MSc (Master of Science)

My 2008 LSE social science thesis focused on the digitalization and globalization of the cultural and creative industries by interviewing personally some of the most prominent scholars of Digital Media Economics and the Socio-economic Study of the Culture and Communication Industries, as well as very experienced senior media executives such as the Vice-President and Communications Director of Vivendi or the Director of the European « Telecom, Media & Entertainment » practice of the French consulting firm, Capgemini, a world leader in digital transformation.

Sorbonne MiM (Master in Management)

I wrote my 2007 Sorbonne management dissertation on the strategies of media convergence and internationalization of multinational media conglomerates through mergers and acquisitions, taking the example of one of the most powerful French groups, Vivendi, as a monograph.

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