6 internships on 4 continents (radio, television,…)

International digital and marketing management

Marketing Research Officer – easyScore, Paris, France

(2004 part-time internship)

  • Company: Company of media marketing providing research and consulting services to FM radio stations (like FG DJ Radio, Latina or Le Mouv’), created by the former Program Director of Fun Radio (RTL Group/Bertelsmann),  MTV Europe (Viacom) and Lagardère Active (Virgin Radio, MCM,…), Jean-Pierre Millet, famous for his expertise in music programming and global music management.
  • Responsibilities: Qualitative Marketing Studies using Call-Out (phone interviews) and Panel (auditorium) methods to investigate the musical tastes and preferences of our targeted audiences and therefore maximizing the ratings of our FM radio stations by improving their music programming.

Marketing and Sales Assistant – Folkestone Visitor Centre, Folkestone, United Kingdom

(2004 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: The Folkestone Visitor Center, subsidiary of Eurotunnel and the town of Folkestone, is a tourism marketing and merchandising company.
  • Responsibilities: 
    • Assisting the management team,
    • Conception and emailing of the newsletter, 
    • Dealing with customers,
    • Maximizing merchandising and postcards sales, 
    • Promoting tourism in France among British people,
    • Selling trips through the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.

Marketing and Branding Consultant – AIM Strategies, NYC, New York, United States of America

(2005 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: AIM Strategies is a boutique management consulting firm founded and directed by Yael Zofi, a professor of Leadership at the Stern School of Business MBA, New York University, former Senior Vice President for Performance Management, Leadership and Organizational Development with JP Morgan Chase and former Senior Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Accenture
  • Responsibilities:
    • Conducting market research and databases management, 
    • SWOT analysis, brand strategy and marketing plan,
    • Working with a team of Columbia University graduates in OD (Organization Development),
    • Interviewing and recruiting internship candidates.

Jr. Marketing Director – Ipsos, Santiago, Chile

(2006 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: French multinational, Ipsos is the leading global survey-based research and measurement group in the world after Nielsen and Kantar (TNS Sofres). I worked as the number 2 of the Marketing Research department of Ipsos in Chile.
  •  Responsibilities:
    • Market research for prestigious brands like L’Oréal, Nestlé, Bosch and a Chilean university,
    • International coordination for LATAM studies conducted in multiple Latin American countries,
    • Creation of a new promotion efficiency and effectiveness model for Ipsos Chile,
    • Translation of reports from Spanish to English,
    • Training the company’s top executives in Marketing.

Strategic Development Executive – PICC Life Insurance, PICC, Beijing, China

(2007 full-time internship)

  • Company: State-owned company (+ 19.8% owned by the American group AIG), PICC (People’s Insurance Company of China) is the biggest Property and Casualty insurance group in China. PICC Life Insurance is a new subsidiary of the group, a joint venture with the Japanese group Sumitomo Life Insurance, created in 2005 to compete with its main competitors in the market of Life Insurance, Ping An and China Life. I worked directly with the Chinese CEO of the subsidiary (and senior member of the Communist Party of China) thanks to an English-Mandarin interpreter always with me to set up the new department of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at the Beijing headquarters.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Analyzing the local and international competitors on the Chinese market,
    • Collecting and analyzing the best insurance practices implemented in foreign countries,
    • Providing some highly confidential internal reports to enlighten decision making,
    • Training the company’s top executives in Strategy.

Associate Producer – ICS (International Channel Shanghai), SMG, Shanghai, China

(2009 part-time internship)

  • Company: ICS is the foreign-language cable TV channel of SMG (Shanghai Media Group), the largest media and entertainment group in China after Beijing-based CCTV
  • Responsibilities: Observation internship during the preparation of the World Expo 2010 media coverage
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