Internet radio station Marketing Director

International digital and marketing management

Co-founder and Marketing Director – Electra Radio

(5 years, 2004-2009 part-time and mostly online)

  • Organization:
    • Based in Sweden and France, Electra, “The Rock & Dance Music Station”, was an international Internet radio station launched officially in 2005 (replacing Crock FM, a pioneer French webradio for which I worked as a Radio Host for a couple of years).
    • Co-founder of the first French Union of Internet radio stations, France Webradios. Now operating as Addict Radio.
  • Responsibilities (Digital Transformation, Globalization, Project Management and Digital Marketing):
    • Development of a new disruptive technology and business model – broadcasting programs online all over the world (digital transformation from the traditional FM radio station to the Internet radio station)
    • Definition of a target group and a positioning, elaboration of a strategy and a marketing mix, 
    • International coordination between France and Sweden,
    • User experience design, creation with the web designers and the web developers of the radio of a website and logos for our different feeds and shows, 
    • Web analytics,
    • Creation with the developers of innovative real-time audience analytics and geolocalization tools later sold on the market;
    • Music programming, show production and punctual radio hosting,
    • Search of advertisers, sponsors, partners and negotiation.
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