Global and International Management

International digital and marketing management


I am Eurasian. I was very lucky to have been imbued with a double culture since birth, with one foot in the Mediterranean (Southern Europe) and one foot in Vietnam (Southeast Asia). Moreover, I have always had a strong affinity for American pop culture since childhood – I grew up with US superhero comics, toys, video games, songs, movies, television series, television shows and cuisine – therefore becoming one of the most « americanized » French citizens. Although I master both forms of English, you may have already noticed that this website is written on purpose in American English rather than in British English.

I believe that my triple culture, European-Asian-American, is an advantage for large cultural and creative organizations, fast-growing digital and tech startups or artistic talents willing to go global.

Foreign Languages

I am familiar with some of the most spoken languages in the world, 5 out of the 6 official languages of the United Nations:

French (native),

English (bilingual),

Spanish (advanced),

– a little bit Russian (false beginner),

– and Mandarin Chinese (false beginner).

I learned Chinese for 3 years in Madrid, London and Shanghai.

I studied Russian for one semester at INALCO, the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, where more than 120 nationalities are represented among its faculty and students.

International Education

I studied Management and Internationalization at the Complutense University of Madrid (where all classes were taught in Castilian Spanish) and at the Sorbonne University of Paris.

I received the certification of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF/Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France) and I hold a Master’s Degree in International Strategic Management from the Sorbonne School of Management.

And I studied Media and Globalization at the Fudan University of Shanghai (where all classes were taught in English) and at LSE, part of the University of London.

With more than 190 countries represented among its community, the LSE (London School of Economics) is more international than the United Nations and is ranked 2nd in the world for the highest proportion of international students, 70%. 

In addition, I was trained by Accenture in Chicago in the United States.

International Career

I worked on four continents: in North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. For many different reasons, I really feel at home in China, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, the UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and indeed in France. Based on the 2012 rankings of the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC), it seems that I spent most of my life so far in some of the most important global cities in the world: New York City (Alpha++), London (Alpha++), Paris (Alpha+), Shanghai (Alpha+), Moscow (Alpha) and Madrid (Alpha). According to the 2015 A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index, New York, London and Paris are respectively ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd on this planet. According to the 2015 Global Power City Index (GPCI) published by the Institute for Urban Strategies at The Mori Memorial Foundation, London, New York & Paris, where I lived/studied/worked, are the most powerful and magnetic global cities on earth.

I had the unique chance to study or work with people from over 50 countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Oman, Senegal, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire,…

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