International digital and marketing management

Valor doesn’t await the passing of years.


Global Marketing Manager and Digital Strategist

Job Description

My job consists in managing highly complex international marketing, media and/or digital projects across different functions, ICTs, creative sectors, countries, languages and cultures by coordinating, recruiting and/or training transnational, cross-cultural and cross-functional teams in large/medium/small agile matrix organizations often involving multiple internal and external stakeholders.

My job is to adapt to any situation, any technology, any team, any organization, any culture and any country – like a chameleon, to never stop learning, to solve complicated problems and unexpected crises in a collaborative way, to be a digital evangelist by making sure that the proven best practices are known, understood, appreciated, valued, shared, implemented and assessed throughout the organization and to conduct change smoothly so that things flow seamlessly in a demanding, challenging, ever-changing, uncertain and globalized competitive environment.

A Triple Expertise

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